Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday Flash: Dentist/Actress

At my writing class this week, we were working on character development. We were asked to chose two different characteristics for one person and given five minutes to write a short piece about them.
This is what I wrote:


I’m drilling away at my three o’clock and the nurse won’t shut up. I think how much happier I would be at the end of the day if she would give it a rest.

“Can you pass the…” and I’ve forgotten the name again.
“Polisher,” calls the voice from behind the curtain.

The voice is always there when I forget my words. It feels like a safety net.

I’ve lost concentration again…
“Exit through the door, I’ll…” nudges the voice.
“I’ll be back shortly, Mr Brown, I need to get some equipment,” I say.

I walk out of the surgery and as I head up the corridor, I spot the curtain twitching in my peripheral vision.


  1. Urggh, I so hate dentists that I haven't been to one in twenty years. This hasn't helped with my path to recovery! :-)

    marc nash

  2. I like what you've done with the two very different perspectives. Great stuff.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  3. Haha, short but sweet... Which reminds me, I'm due for a check-up...

  4. I like my dentist to have their mind on the job completely. I shall not be visiting this on in a hurry. The "drilling away" sounds terrifying; I imagine them with an insane leer behind the mask.

  5. Ha ha, I love this. I could do with one of those voices. "Go to the cooker and stir the pot" etc etc. Brings back happy memories of my trip to the dentist last week (not). I love the odd element to this and you could take it even further I think where someones whole life was prompted from off camera!

  6. Oooo, breathfreshingly wierd. Like it.