Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My Self-Publishing Adventures: Part 6: Proofs aka What I Will Do Differently Next Time

This is the post of the series I have been dreading writing. It's the one where I admit to my mistakes. So here we go.

After uploading my stories to Kindle & Smashwords, I was on such a massive high that it went so well, I did what I usually do when I feel happy... I told my online friends. Luckily, in this one instance, I only shared on Facebook and not Twitter, or I would have more people to apologise to now.

I shared more because I thought it was such a miracle I'd managed to do the Kindle & Smashwords publishing without any aggravation. BUT, what I failed to realise was I have possibly the most supportive and fantastic online buddies on the planet, and within a couple of hours of saying, "Look what I did," 10 copies had sold via Kindle and 1 on Smashwords. It was only then that I thought... oops... I should have checked it through before I said that.

If you are one of those 11 people who bought a copy quickly, please do get in contact with me and let me see a copy of the receipt via email (if you have it) or my contact me page on here if not. I would like to give you a coupon for the latest version. Since that first upload I have added a full stop (I KNOW!), done a bit more tweaking of the formatting, and changed one of the story titles slightly thanks to something my daughter said... so I would prefer it if you had the up to date version.

As far as the paperback is concerned the first proof looked ok. I then made some tiny tweaks to that as well, and added my back cover blurb. At the time of writing I am waiting for the crash of my letterbox which will signify my final (hopefully) proof arriving.

My next post will hopefully let you know where you can buy the paperback!

Thanks for reading!

The next post in the series is here.


  1. Well, the good thing about Kindle and ebooks is that you can make changes quickly! And how lovely that you have such a supportive group of friends. You deserve it!

  2. Congrats, again, on publishing these stories. Without the glitch it would have almost been too easy, right?! Sounds like you've got it under control. ;)

  3. I think it's lovely that you want people to have the most updated version :-)

  4. We are treading the same path - exciting, isn't it? As well as being truly nailbiting. The very best of luck.

  5. Congratulations Rebecca! I look forward to watching your book's progress. It sounds like you're off to an excellent start.