Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My Writing Year 2011, in Multi Media

I started 2011 with stories published in two charity anthologies in paperback and feeling really happy about that. 2011 itself has been a ride and a half. Here it is in summary:

January 2011 - I became a voluntary reader for 100 Stories for Queensland
Click here to see more about the anthologies I have been involved with

February 2011 - I launched my first writing competition.
March 2011 - I signed a contract with Grimoire Books who are publishing my debut novel in January 2012
Click here to visit the Grimoire Books website

April 2011 I made this short video about my writing for Ether Books.
I really don't like being on video so this was a major thing for me

May 2011 - Nothing But Flowers published. This book includes my story 'On The Corner of Clerk Street' and here it is for sale in The Wallingford Bookshop
Click here to see 'Nothing But Flowers' on Amazon.co.uk

June 2011 - Ether Books launched the latest version of their app. Throughout the year I have regularly had stories in the bestsellers list
Click here to see my list of content available via the Ether app 

July 2011 - I received my author copies of 'New Beginnings' and held my first ever book launch which went really well. Frozen Lime Images turned up and took some fabulous photos for me.
Click here to visit the Frozen Lime Images website

August 2011 - My first radio interview on BBC Radio Oxford

Septermber 2011 - I was interviewed by Rebecca E Brown for her 'In The Wishing Chair' Podcast series
Click here to visit the website for In The Wishing Chair 

October 2011 - Tweet Treats was launched, with several of my recipes included
Click here to see Tweet Treats on Amazon.co.uk

November 2011 - Frozen Lime Images included one of my signing photos on the front of their 2012 calendar
Click here to see the calendar online 

December 2011 - A Knowing Look and Other Stories - A collection of my short stories - published in all formats
Click here for more details on 'A Knowing Look and Other Stories' 


  1. What a wonderful year you've had Rebecca :-)

  2. Hey Rebecca, that looks like a wonderful, creative year -- well done you and here's to 2012 being even better! Have a Happy New Year, M.

  3. Congratulations! What a great flow of energy you have here! I am launching my debut novel in April and will be chasing you down for tips. Good luck with all in 2012. Ciao cat

  4. What a great year you've had! Here's to many more exciting things in 2012 x

  5. What a whirlwind of a year! I should think you need a rest but instead I expect you are making plans to be even busier and more successful in 2012. Hope 2012 is wonderful to you!