Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Post Launch Roundup

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate the official publication date for New Beginnings on Monday. It was so much fun, and I should have published this post earlier but after 16 hours straight at the computer on the day, I couldn't face going near it yesterday!

I would especially like to thank all of the bloggers who signed up for my Web Splash. You can check them out using the links below.

I said in my post on Monday I was offering a prize for the blogger who had the most clicks via my linky list - that was Pete Domican. I also said there would be a prize for the person who commented on the most blog posts and that was Gina Dickerson. They could both chose a signed copy of either of my books or an entry to the writing competition, and have selected a signed copy of my short story collection each. They are on their way, along with all of the giveaway prizes.

Thank you to everyone who made Monday so much fun. I hope you enjoy the book if you read it.

Monday, 23 January 2012

New Beginnings - Publication Day!!!

Thank you for joining me here on the official publication day of my debut novel New Beginnings.  

Web Splash
A lot of lovely bloggers have signed up for my Web Splash, so please do take a look at their sites today. You can find links to all of their blogs here, and on them you will find interviews, guest blogs, reviews and more. If you have a blog and would like to sign up, you can still do so until the end of today.

Writing Competitions
This is my second writing competition, and this time I am having a competition for children as well as one for adults. The competition for children is over on my other blog Writing for Children and Teens, now.  The competition for adults will go live on this blog at midnight (UK time) tonight. I know, I know, what a tease. But today is all about New Beginnings.

I will be doing some random giveaways today, which will take place on my Facebook author page.

The person who comments on the highest number of blog posts about New Beginnings (from my Web Splash linky list) by 10am GMT on 24th January is going to receive a prize – they will be able to chose a signed copy of either of my books, or one free entry to the writing competition. The only rule with this is you have to make it obvious you have read the posts in your comments.

The blogger who receives the most clicks through my linky list today will also receive a prize as above.

If you are able to help spread the word on Twitter today, please use the hashtag #NewBeginnings

Thank you to everyone who has already read New Beginnings. If you haven’t, you can find out how to get your own copy of it here.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. It’s a very special day for me and it’s lovely to have you here.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Someone Beginning With T

You know when you get to know somebody and you become really fond of them; you find them likeable, funny, witty and you know they'll go far?

Then they do and you feel so very proud of them.

That is how I feel today.

Some of you may remember a book review post I did way back in January 2011 called, Tracy is One To Watch. Well, guess what, I was right!

Tracy's Hot Mail by T.A.Belshaw has been snapped up by E-book publisher Crooked {Cat} Publishing and today it's her official publication date, complete with face lift and everything.

I highly recommend Tracy's Hot Mail, and all of other Trevor Belshaw's books to you. Trevor is a fantastic writer for readers of all ages but I have a particular spot soft for his book for children, Peggy Larkin's War as well as Tracy herself, of course.

Yes, Tracy, today I am so very proud of you!

Doesn't She Look Gorgeous?

What are you waiting for? Buy the book now on or I promise you you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Not Long Now...

23 January 2012

Hi Everyone

Well it's not long until the official publication date for New Beginnings.  I have spent the last couple of weeks writing quite a few guest blogs and interview answers which has been great fun.

So far over 40 people have signed up for my New Beginnings Web Spash. This is many more than I was expecting so I am thrilled about that. I also discovered when I logged into Linky Tools this morning that the blogs on the list are being clicked through to already, so that's a good side effect for my blogging friends.

I hope you will be around on Monday when I will be celebrating online, and doing lots of giveaways and things. There will be:

  • The launch of a writing competition for adults on this blog 
  • The launch of a writing competition for children on my blog about writing for children
  • A prize for the person who visits the most blogs in the blog hop
  • A prize for the blogger whose blog gets the most clicks through on the day
  • Random giveaways on my Facebook Page
  • Much tweeting using the hashtag #NewBeginnings
  • Loads of virtual champagne and cake.

None of the prizes will be the book itself, so if you want to read it you'll have to buy, borrow or steal your own copy, although I don't personally recommend the stealing option.

If you need a little reminder on the day, you can join the event page on Facebook so it will ding up at you on the morning!!

Thanks so much for reading, and for the enthusiasm that has been shown so far. You are all fabulous!

x x x

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Another Visit To The Wallingford Bookshop

The Wallingford Bookshop is a shop I have mentioned a few times on this blog. I remember how nervous I was the first time I popped in clutching some anthologies, but now when I go in, I am greeted by name and always given such a lovely reception by the owner and staff. It's such a lovely shop, and I am not just saying that because they have stocked everything I've every asked about, bless them. Not only that, they've pretty much sold every copy as well.

Today I went in and was told New Beginnings had sold out and by chance (ha ha) I had taken two more copies in with me. I also asked about the possibility of them stocking A Knowing Look and Other Stories, and before I had finished my sentence, the lovely shop owner, Alison, had the books in her hand and then... well you can see for yourselves:

A Knowing Look & Other Stories next to Nothing But Flowers

And over in the children's section...

New Beginnings rubbing shoulders with a book by one of my heroes

The Wallingford Bookshop can be found at:
10c, St. Martins St
Oxfordshire OX10 0AL
Tel: 01491 834383

Sunday, 1 January 2012

A Small Stone: 1 January

My first ever small stone as I dip my toe into the river

Nine empty plates, scraped clean with turkish bread.
Through the constant chatter, fascinating memories are revealed.

I have set up a new page for this, and my future small stones.

What is A River of Stones?  Find out all about it here, or by using the #smallstone hashtag on Twitter.