Thursday, 5 January 2012

Another Visit To The Wallingford Bookshop

The Wallingford Bookshop is a shop I have mentioned a few times on this blog. I remember how nervous I was the first time I popped in clutching some anthologies, but now when I go in, I am greeted by name and always given such a lovely reception by the owner and staff. It's such a lovely shop, and I am not just saying that because they have stocked everything I've every asked about, bless them. Not only that, they've pretty much sold every copy as well.

Today I went in and was told New Beginnings had sold out and by chance (ha ha) I had taken two more copies in with me. I also asked about the possibility of them stocking A Knowing Look and Other Stories, and before I had finished my sentence, the lovely shop owner, Alison, had the books in her hand and then... well you can see for yourselves:

A Knowing Look & Other Stories next to Nothing But Flowers

And over in the children's section...

New Beginnings rubbing shoulders with a book by one of my heroes

The Wallingford Bookshop can be found at:
10c, St. Martins St
Oxfordshire OX10 0AL
Tel: 01491 834383

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  1. How exciting! Both covers really stand out on the shelf. Hope this year is just as productive for you.