Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Not Long Now...

23 January 2012

Hi Everyone

Well it's not long until the official publication date for New Beginnings.  I have spent the last couple of weeks writing quite a few guest blogs and interview answers which has been great fun.

So far over 40 people have signed up for my New Beginnings Web Spash. This is many more than I was expecting so I am thrilled about that. I also discovered when I logged into Linky Tools this morning that the blogs on the list are being clicked through to already, so that's a good side effect for my blogging friends.

I hope you will be around on Monday when I will be celebrating online, and doing lots of giveaways and things. There will be:

  • The launch of a writing competition for adults on this blog 
  • The launch of a writing competition for children on my blog about writing for children
  • A prize for the person who visits the most blogs in the blog hop
  • A prize for the blogger whose blog gets the most clicks through on the day
  • Random giveaways on my Facebook Page
  • Much tweeting using the hashtag #NewBeginnings
  • Loads of virtual champagne and cake.

None of the prizes will be the book itself, so if you want to read it you'll have to buy, borrow or steal your own copy, although I don't personally recommend the stealing option.

If you need a little reminder on the day, you can join the event page on Facebook so it will ding up at you on the morning!!

Thanks so much for reading, and for the enthusiasm that has been shown so far. You are all fabulous!

x x x

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