Monday, 2 April 2012

Some Very Random Things I Have Discovered About Self-Publishing

This is a very random post, but I'm putting it up in case it helps one person... you never know.
Some brief but useful points about self publishing issues.

1. When you self-publish with Lulu, you can't upgrade from their free extended distribution to global distribution. You have to set up a new project, get a new ISBN and go through the whole process again. So think long and hard, as even if you are like me and you think no-one's going to buy your book, you may be proved wrong and then want to upgrade later on.

1b. Vistaprint do a helpful 'small sticker' which you can post a Lulu barcode into (or any other image for that matter) for stickering up the stock you have remaining with your old ISBN on.

2. When you get to the point where you need an ITIN to avoid paying US tax as an "alien" and have to fill in the form W-7 in order to get it, you will read about how complicated it is, blah blah blah. Well if you follow the instructions, you will find it much easier than you anticipate.

2b You can mail the completed form with your ID to the US Embassy in your own country which makes it easy postage wise. I sent my form off to the US Embassy in London and had my passport returned within 2 working days.

Thanks for reading!