Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Launch of Housewife with a Half-Life by A.B. Wells

Alison, aka A.B. Wells
It gives me great pleasure today to help celebrate the launch of Housewife with a Half-Life by A.B.Wells, who I have mentioned here on my blog numerous times using her full name Alison Wells.

I have read a lot of Alison's short stories and flash fiction, and I have always been very impressed with her writing. I have bought my own copy of Housewife with a Half-Life and had a "quick look" at the start of it and I then found it impossible to stop reading it.

If you are one of those people who thinks, hmm, Sci Fi, I'm not sure about that... well, so am I. But I have to tell you Alison does something amazing with this book, and indeed all of her stories; she makes different genres more accessible to people who perhaps would not normally try them out. If you don't believe me, you can read the first chapter here!

With that, I will tell you a bit more about the book and the launch, and hope that you will choose to give it a read.

Susan Strong is a suburban housewife who is literally disintegrating. When Fairly Dave, a kilt-sporting spaceman arrives through the shower head to warn her, she knows things are serious. When she and her precocious four year old twins, Pluto and Rufus, get sucked through Chilled Foods into another universe it gets even messier. Where household appliances are alive and dangerous, Geezers have Entropy Hoovers and the Spinner's Cataclysmic convertor could rip reality apart, Susan Strong is all that’s holding the world together.

In this madcap, feel-good adventure, Susan and Fairly Dave travel alternate universes to find Susan's many selves, dodge the Geezers and defeat evil memory bankers. From dystopian landscapes and chicken dinners, to Las Vegas and bubble universes, can Susan Strong reintegrate her bits and will it be enough to save us all?

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A paperback will be available in June. 

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Alison's main blog Head Above Water
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Congratulations, Alison, I hope you have a wonderful launch day!


  1. Congratulations to Alison. I am not a sci fi reader but I did love The Hitchhiker to the Galaxy series and your blurb and title caught my interest so I am going to give Housewife with a Half Life a go!

  2. I love Sci Fi but only enjoy reading certain types of Sci Fi books. This seems like a really interesting novel and I can't wait to read it.

  3. I love the cover and the book sounds really interesting! I've downloaded my copy and look forward to reading it. Congrats to Alison!

  4. I agree, I adore that cover! And I've seen a couple mentions of this book and am anxious to read it.

  5. Sounds like a super fun read! Congrats to Alison.