Monday, 28 May 2012

'When Dreams Come True' Launches Today!

Thank you for visiting my blog today, as I celebrate the launch of When Dreams Come True. Some of my blogging friends have signed up to tell us all about their dreams, so please do look at the links below and see what stories they have to tell.

I will be having some celebratory giveaways which I have listed here.

Please grab yourself some virtual cake and fizz, come and join us on the Facebook event page, and also visit some of the wonderful blogs on the linky list below.

The Blurb:
Charlie is happiest when biking with Max and Toby, or watching films with Allie. But when Charlie reaches year nine (age 13), everything begins to change.

As her friends develop new interests, Charlie's dreams become more frequent and vivid, and a family crisis tears her away from her friends.

How will Charlie react when old family secrets are revealed? Will her life change completely when some of her dreams start to come true? 

Where to Buy
When Dreams Come True is now available to order via any bookshop or online in various places including:
The Book Depository
Barnes and Noble
& via Apple iBooks 



  1. Happy launch day! I love the cake, you'll have to send a photo to the model, she'll love it. Hope it all goes well today. x

  2. Great book, Rebecca. Have a fabulous launch day. I've posted up my take on the title! Well you did ask for a blog post with a smile.

  3. Have the best day ever, Rebecca!

  4. I hope you're having a wonderful day. That cake looks fantastic!

  5. Hope you have an awesome launch day, congrats again! Here's my blog hop link :)

  6. Happy launch day, Rebecca! That cake looks scrummy!