Saturday, 30 June 2012

Book Winner, giveaways and A Quick Update on Me

Many congratulations to Dan Holloway who has won a copy of Housewife with a Half-Life in the giveaway by A.B. Wells!

I am delighted to say I have a few more author interviews and giveaways scheduled in the future, including the one already running with Laura Wilkinson for a paperback copy of her fabulous book BloodMining, so do keep an eye on my blog if you like giveaways.

I would also like to thank everyone for the enormous response to my post What The Funk? on here as well as via email, Twitter and Facebook. It's great to know you are not alone when you feel like that.

I'm pleased to say I have been spending more time away from my computer (I still feel slightly allergic to it so I'm limiting my time online) and I've been doing quite a lot of exercise (I know!!) and even more reading. It's felt like a holiday but the beauty of it is, the time away from my computer is giving me lots of ideas for blog posts that may be of interest to other writers, as well as readers, and also I now have a fully formed sequel to When Dreams Come True in my head and have already been in discussions about a cover, which I am really excited about.

Thanks as always for reading, and even more so for being there. It's amazing to know that people can be so supportive, even when (in some cases) you've never actually met them in real life.

One of these people is author Emma Williams, who has actually written a response to my post. Her guest blog will be posted tomorrow so please do come back and give it a read.


  1. Wonderful and I'm looking forward to Emma's post!

  2. Hey Rebecca! Thanks for the lovely mention and it's so good to see you back online and interacting again. Can't wait to see my post go up! Woohoo! x