Monday, 5 November 2012

Theatre Review: Hot Mikado at the Landor Theatre

My second show on Saturday was Hot Mikado at the Landor Theatre, another new venue to me, luckily my theatre buddy had been there before otherwise I would have missed out on this show altogether. Sadly we saw the last show of the run, because it was definitely one I would have gone back to see again (my friend did just that).

The venue has just three rows of seats and the seats were not numbered so there was a scramble to be in the best positions. The stage area was quite tiny and I honestly wondered how a show could even happen in such a space... which is probably why it was so mind blowing.  There were three people in the band, yet they played so many different instruments it felt like there was an entire orchestra there. And the cast were not wearing microphones but their voices were amazing, and they were almost in touching distance. It was a wonderful experience to feel so close to the action and see all the facial expressions.

I haven't seen this show before but it was easy to follow, there is a good amount of humour in it but it was also very lively with loads of energetic dancing with almost all the cast dancing at the same time (how on earth they all fitted in that space and didn't crash into each other is a mystery to me).

As always there are people who stand out, and in this case the roles of Nanki-Poo (Mark Daley) and Yum-Yum (Victoria Farley) were well cast. The others who stood out for me were Mandi Symonds as Katisha and Ian Mowat as Ko-Ko who were fantastic, particularly when they were on stage together during the second half.  I also was surprised when Mark Gillon sang as his voice was amazing - I wish he had more of a solo actually.  Nathaniel Morrison played Pooh-Bah to perfection with great comic timing (and an amazing smile!) and was paired often with the very stunning Lucyelle Cliffe as Pitti-Sing whose voice reached me even when the whole cast was on stage.

All in all the show was energetic, with a wonderful cast, great music, and I am so glad I had the chance to see it.

Star rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I wish I could see it again!

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