Thursday, 6 December 2012

Deck The Halls International Launch

It gives me great pleasure to say that I have a story in Deck The Halls published by eMergent Publishing, and launching worldwide today.

Each of the stories was written to a prompt - a line from the Christmas carol Deck The Halls. I was given Tis the Season to be Jolly and from the deepest depths of my mind came a sci fi story. I don't usually write sci fi so I'd be interested to know what you think of it if you read it.

I am very proud to be published alongside some very talented authors. Many of these people I am also lucky enough to be able to consider friends.

This book would make a fantastic Christmas present for anyone who likes short stories. 

Buy a copy:
 Directly from eMergent Publishing here.


Touched Rowena Specht-Whyte
Drench the School Benjamin Solah
Coming Home Rebecca Dobbie
While You Were Out Sam Adamson
Twenty-Five Rebecca Emin
A Jolly Pair Christopher Chartrand
Gays and Commies Graham Storrs
A Better Fit Jen Brubacher
Salvation Nicole R Murphy
A Troll for Christmas Jo Hart
Modraniht Kate Sherrod
Bosch’s Book of Trolls Susan May James
‘Til Death Do Us Part Emma Kerry
High Holidays Dale Challener Roe
The Headless Shadow Jonathan Crossfield
End of a Tradition Paul Servini
Weatherboy Nik Perring
Not a Whisper Lily Mulholland
Lords of the Dance Janette Dalgliesh
Through Frosted Glass Laura Meyer
Midsummer’s Eve Stacey Larner
Yuletide Treasure Rob Diaz II
Broken Angel Jodi Cleghorn
A Golden Treasure Chia Evers
Fast Away Jim Bronyaur
Apprentices to Time Icy Sedgwick
Unfolding Alison Wells
Egg-Ceptional PJ Kaiser
Hail the New Trevor Belshaw
Perfect Light Dan Powell
Softly Sing the Stars Steve Cameron
Through Wind and Weather David McDonald


  1. Congratulations Rebecca!! A sci-fi story, I gotta check it out :-)

  2. Sounds great! Adding it to wish list. :)

  3. Congratulations on your sci-fi story, Rebecca. I find your blog very inspiring, so I've nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blog Award! If you accept, you can find details over on my blog. Happy Christmas!