Wednesday, 16 January 2013

#Fridayflash: Phoenix Rising

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Phoenix Rising

It was the smell of wood smoke on a crisp winter morning that reminded her. The crunch of boots on snow ceased as she stood for a while, eyes squeezed tight, inhaling the scent of long ago.

Or was it so long ago, that day they'd walked together, and he’d brushed snowflakes from her fringe before he kissed her gently and the world around her had disappeared?

The log fire in his cottage had warmed their skin as they’d consumed each other, then relaxed on the sofa under red tartan blankets, fingers entwined.

As the fire died down, he’d reached beside the grate and she'd inhaled sharply as she'd seen the box.

"Forever?" He’d asked.

"Perhaps," was all she could manage.

She opened her eyes and walked on, away from the smell and the memories.

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