Thursday, 27 June 2013

Friday Flash: Song of the Siren

Song of the Siren

She stood with her eyes closed, listening to the melody as the warm air circled around her. The hauntingly beautiful lyric wasn’t in any recognisable language, yet to her it made sense.

The flowers in the meadow turned their faces towards the sun and danced in the breeze, moving to the rhythm of the siren song, the irresistible theme tune of hope itself.

As the sunlight warmed her skin and the air currents raised the hairs on her arms, he came to her. She felt his lips skim hers as his arms encircled her waist. He whispered into the air, “I’m here” and in her heart, the final shard of ice melted.

But was he real, that friend of hers, the one who gave her the gift of sight? Who helped her to see what before had been hidden? She kept her eyes gently closed as she wondered if he really existed.

She stretched her arms out and slowly spun in the sun-kissed meadow. And with joy in her heart, she found her voice again.