Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Theatre Review: Blood Brothers (New Theatre Oxford Saturday 14 September)

2013 and 1998!
I can't remember how many times I have seen Blood Brothers - this was either my fourth or fifth time but it was the second time I've seen it in Oxford.

My friend and I got "restricted viewing" seats in row C of the stalls which were amazing seats and I took the one right on the end of the row which despite being to one side, had fantastic leg room. I haven't seen Blood Brothers for a while but I know the soundtrack by heart and as it's one of my favourite shows I got the shivers when the music started.

It was a treat to see Warwick Evans again, back in the role of the Narrator. Evans belts out his lines and the Narrator's constant presence on the stage is both a comfort and strangely menacing. This show wouldn't exist without him and he is worth keeping an eye on, wherever he is lurking on set.

Maureen Nolan was fantastic as Mrs J, especially in the second half. (I had previously seen Bernie Nolan play this role in Oxford in 1998. x)

My absolute favourite role in this show is always Mickey and every time I have seen it the actors who play him have the amazing ability to transform from a cute "almost eight" through adolescence to adulthood and be convincing at every age, Sean Jones was no exception and a joy to watch, as were Mark Hutchinson as Eddie and Olivia Sloyan as Linda.

I will definitely see this show again one day, and could quite happily watch this cast again as they were brilliant. A lot of the actors in this show play multiple roles and the amount of people on stage at the end never ceases to amaze me, as there seem so few of them. It must be an exhausting show to be in!

There was a very well-deserved standing ovation on Saturday evening. I've never seen the whole of the stalls on their feet so quickly before.

Star rating: 5+.  A firm favourite.

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Friday, 6 September 2013

#Fridayflash: As Time Passes

She stands on the beach at the foot of a cliff,
Lost in thought as the tide turns,
Grains of sand cover her toes; she's a question for each one.
The rampant curiosity of youth.

They stand on a hill in the glowing sunset,
She watches as the orange turns red then fades,
His words fill her head as she rewinds them again
Searching for an element of truth.

She stands with another, as time drips away,
one part of her beating as always
in time with his lyrical voice.
Constant undeniable proof.

She sits on the cliff-top, eyes closed in a dream,
A memory of sand and a sunset, a scent of citrus.
Or was it jasmine? Her whisper carried on the wind
A wise inexplicable truth.

Dear #fridayflash folk, 
I know I have slightly cheated with this flash-poem hybrid but it's all I've got this week. 
Please forgive me. 
The plan is to take part more often from now on.

Thanks for reading