Friday, 6 September 2013

#Fridayflash: As Time Passes

She stands on the beach at the foot of a cliff,
Lost in thought as the tide turns,
Grains of sand cover her toes; she's a question for each one.
The rampant curiosity of youth.

They stand on a hill in the glowing sunset,
She watches as the orange turns red then fades,
His words fill her head as she rewinds them again
Searching for an element of truth.

She stands with another, as time drips away,
one part of her beating as always
in time with his lyrical voice.
Constant undeniable proof.

She sits on the cliff-top, eyes closed in a dream,
A memory of sand and a sunset, a scent of citrus.
Or was it jasmine? Her whisper carried on the wind
A wise inexplicable truth.

Dear #fridayflash folk, 
I know I have slightly cheated with this flash-poem hybrid but it's all I've got this week. 
Please forgive me. 
The plan is to take part more often from now on.

Thanks for reading 


  1. That is beautiful, Rebecca. You have caught so much sadness in the last verse. The line "Or was it jasmine?" is so telling.

  2. It's a very pretty and wistful wondering given female form. I enjoyed it, Rebecca! I won't call you on your cheat if you don't call me on mine.

    1. Thanks John, and I thought yours was amazing quite honestly.

  3. Such a beautiful flash-poem, Rebecca, love it how well you've captured all the feeling emanating from within.

  4. I don't call it a cheat! LOL It's a sweet, sad poem.

  5. Nice post, great blog, following :)

    Good Luck :)

  6. It's beautiful; I was right there on the cliff-top:)

  7. "Forgive" you? It's so beautiful Rebecca!!!