Monday, 2 December 2013

Book Review: Carnaby Street's Great Uninvited by Safia Shah

I was sent a review copy of Carnaby Street's Great Uninvited: Around the World in 80 Years after the press release caught my interest. The book claimed to use "endangered words" in a campaign to "bring words back to life" and this jumped right off the page at me, and I did learn some fun words during my reading of this book.

Totally engrossed!
As the book is aimed at children, I read it through a couple of times myself and then enlisted the help of my middle child, James who is 9 and an avid reader. He said the illustrations were "amazing" and the book was "fun and confusing and that is what I like in a book". He was absolutely delighted to find the magnifying glass and started to search for all of the definitions hidden in the book.

On my own first read I must admit I found the story quite hard to follow but then I realised I was getting distracted by the definitions so I left the book for a while and then went back and just read the text and everything slotted into place. To start with I thought this was a negative point but on reflection the fact that you have to read the book several times to get everything there is from it is a good thing.

The illustrations are by Mark Reeve and are exceptionally good, with plenty to discover on every page.

I think this book is ideal for children who like reading, words or discovering. I personally would say it would suit 8+ confident readers and younger children with an adult reading will find it good fun too.

Original star rating: 4/5...

One day later I am making an unprecedented move of upgrading this book to a 5 star because I have never seen such enthusiasm about a book for 24 hours from one of my children before. James has just shown his younger brother his copy of the book, and it looks like I will be buying a second copy for him now too.

Star rating: 5/5!


  1. Hi, Rebecca, it sounds like quite a few grown-ups may like this book too!

    1. It's really good, Jean, I would have loved it when I was younger but enjoyed the words I discovered in it now.

  2. Hi Rebecca, many thanks for your kind words about the book. James sounds like he loves words as much as I do. Please thank him for helping to save snirtle, quaggy and slubberdegullion. Safia Shah

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog, Safia, I just updated my review, but I think it was after you posted. Thank you also for the chance to review your book.