Monday, 24 November 2014

Call for Book Bloggers

Over the past couple of years I have been slowly building my freelance business, mostly via word of mouth. I work for authors and small companies, helping them with an incredibly wide variety of tasks from editing to formatting, social media networking and marketing. Honestly, the list goes on and on. It has been a wonderful feeling being asked if I can help people, and most of the time being able to.

I have a number of author clients who have expressed an interest in help finding book reviews. I do have a list of book bloggers I have spoken to before *, but if any book bloggers read this and would like to be included on my list of people to contact, please do get in touch via my contact page, tell me your blog address, email address, and what genres you like reading and I'll add your details to my database.

I will also include people who would be willing to review on Amazon, Goodreads or Librarything if anyone is interested (or any other sites I have yet to discover).

I hope you're well and thanks, as always, for reading.

* If you're a blogger I have previously spoken to, do feel free to drop me a note to express an interest as well.

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