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Author interviews & book reviews
As you may have seen, I do enjoy doing interviews with authors and giveaways of their books on my blog. These authors are generally people I have got to know online. However, if you are planning to get in touch with a review/interview request, my policy is to only read books I think I will enjoy and as my reading time is very limited I have to be careful how many I do accept.

I will review books I enjoy on Amazon and Goodreads but I have no interest in posting one or two star reviews. I interview authors after I have read their book and I find my posts gain more interest if there is a giveaway involved. 

I love going to the theatre and would be happy to review any shows near Oxford, Reading or London. 

PR requests to do with babies/toddlers/children
As my youngest child is now 10 anything baby or toddler related would definitely not be of interest. The only things I would consider doing would be something my children would never forgive me for saying no to. This has only happened once so far.

Other requests
If you are unsure from the notes above, please do feel free to email me though my contact page. I will rarely blog about things I receive press releases for, however if something may be of interest to my Twitter or Facebook followers I will try and spread the word (especially if book/writing related). Please include any relevant Twitter links or hashtags in your email. My own Twitter page is here.

Thanks for your interest in my blog.

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