Small Stones


31 January 2012
On my morning walk I spot a blackbird pecking at an apple on the road. Everything is frozen. My teeth ache in sympathy.

30 January 2012
The car in front of us kicks up white matter that reminds me of sea spray. Ahead, I see the lorry spreading salt on the roads.

29 January 2012
The sky is grey and drizzly; it reflects my mood.

28 January 2012
A message arrives from a reader. A glow burns inside when I realise my words have had such an impact.

27 January 2012
A blackbird sits in the tree, eating berries for lunch. He sings in between mouthfuls; a song of thanks.

26 January 2012
Tiny furry feet move through tall green grass to investigate a woodpile. The woodmouse is exploring.

I will continue with my short stones soon. I have been too busy with launch preparation and freelance work to get any written recently. It is something I want to keep up with though, when time permits.

17 January 2012

A large sparrow hawk sits on a wooden post, as the sun makes the frost shine on ghostly trees.


16 January 2012

My sister-in-law is talking and there is a barely-noticeable movement. Soon, baby, soon.  

15 January 2012

My 4 year old son brought his school jumper down to show my parents, unprompted. I watched with amazement and pride as he told them all about it.

14 January 2012

The grass is white with morning frost. The early daffodils bow their heads until the sun lights up their corner.

13 January 2012

A wood mouse appears from the darkest area of the garden. It nibbles at an old apple, cleans its whiskers, and basks in the sun for a minute, before retreating into the corner.


12 January 2012

My youngest child accidentally stepped on some snowdrops, but lifted his foot before he put his weight on them. 

"Sorry, Mum," he said, as his bottom lip wobbled and he looked up at me. 

"It's ok," was all it took to make him smile again. 


11 January 2012

Returning from the school run after the bin men had been, I smiled at the pine needles scattered over the road.

10 January 2012

As I dragged the bins to the front of the house, the Christmas tree dropped a trail of needles in a final reminder of redundant importance.


9 January 2012

Blue skies, wispy white clouds and budding snowdrops fool me into believing that Spring is nearly here.

8 January 2012

The adrenaline rush of editing right until the last second. An anti-climax after I hit the 'send' button.


7 January 2012

Tea and cake and the company of friends and strangers. I listen to everyone, hunting for story ideas.


6 January 2012

The rattle of keys as I lock the world outside. I turn, and inhale the scent of long-awaited solitude.


5 January 2012

The radio reporter speaks of partially closed roads as I drive cautiously, watching for broken branches on the tarmac.


4 January 2012 

Returning home from the school run, on opening the door the smell hits me. Subtle flavours blend and tantalise.    

3 January 2012

My youngest child's first day at primary school

The howling gale whips raindrops all around me. I am thankful; the other parents might not notice the water on my face is warm. 


2 January 2012

Bitter wind ruffles free range feathers, as a low winter sun casts long shadows across the fields.

1 January 2012

My first ever small stone as I dip my toe into the river
Nine empty plates, scraped clean with turkish bread.
Through the constant chatter, fascinating memories are revealed.

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  1. Lovely small stones Rebecca especially 3rd Jan. I've been told to use hashtag #smallstone without the s at the end if you do that you may get more visitors to your blog.

  2. Thanks, Anne. I have only used an s at the end once, by mistake. I need to add yesterday's which is still on paper... I will have a look at your stones in a minute too. x

  3. I was touched by the one on the 3rd! I especially like the 'wispy white clouds and budding snowdrops' of the 9th and the 'hunting for stories' on the 7th.
    Very nice.

  4. Loved your latest stones and so impressed you saw budding snowdrops.